"you look all bug eyed and shit"

"what is the deal with people buying color contacts?
i do not understand why someone in their right mind would purchase them.
it really is one of the most awkward things to experience.
have you ever had to have a conversation with someone who is wearing them?
its weird right!?
because their eyes never look 100% normal.
i wish i was blunt enough to say.. "um, hi, ya, you know you look all bug eyed?"
but honestly, i am to nice for that... that is why i came here to anonymously vent my frustrations out.


SOO people, lets just accept that your eyes arent green or blue. they are actually a really beautiful brown color. AND THATS FINE!
trust me nothing is wrong with that. 
you should want to look normal, rather then awkwardly scary bug like..."

truths by Sara J. salt lake city utah

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