this has nothing to do with anything
... but did anyone watch or hear about that polygamist family in Utah? ...
They have a new TLC TV show called "Sister Wives"
AWKWARD... Thats all i can say...
Before FIDM, I went to school in Utah (go utes!) But i have to say, i have NEVER seen or heard of any polygamist in my life.
Considering that polygamy is illegal, i dont know why these people would ever do this, and think they will get away with it...
Well the law is going after them, letting them know that they are pretty damn stupid... 
can you say HURT??

So this is what the polygamist look like....
Pretty much normal (way awkward)...

Luckily they don't look like this...
WAY to awkward... horrible... im sick

this is what they SHOULD look like... (smile)
 Yes... all polygamist should dress only in Marc Jacobs...

I hope you all can accept my humor, because we all need a good laugh once and a while... so lets just laugh at the Utah polygamist because it is obvious that they don't have brains to know that when your breaking the law, you probably shouldn't 't have a TV show about it!!

until tomorrow.
Love ME!!

Monthly Muse #1

My "monthly muse" are pictures that I love.
artistic and beautiful are the only two requirements for my monthly muse.
(smile people!)

I don't know what is it about this picture. But I just think it is lovely!
It's hump day! You're half way there!! Keep it up everyone!

Love ME!


for those of you who care...
The New York Times covers all the fashion shows going on...
...i have been obsessively looking at them every day and there are some beautiful clothes!!!
Click HERE to go directly to the fashion show section of their website.


Just thought i would share that with you :)
Hope you're having a wonderful Tuesday.... (blahhh)

Love ME!

big. hair.

give. me. this. hair.

big. wavy. full. hot
my hair just cant hold this look. 

Love ME!


FALL... its finally here (according to the calender the "first day" of fall was last Wednesday) and all i want to purchase is a fur vest... (i know peta hates me, im sorry i cant help it)

i just adore this whole outfit... 

Love ME!


we made it through yet another week!!

hope you all have a wonderful weekend... 
im leaving you with just a wonderful, artistic photo...

Hot, gimme these shorts, RINGS! ahhhh
God Bless America!

Love ME!

Shoulder Pads.

all i do is rock the shoulder pads...
... i hope i have true friends around me that will tell me when i have over done the shoulder pads ...

you all out there, holler at me when/if shoulder pads go out of style, because i will wear them to the death
I even sew them in to my tops all by my lonesome!

OH, by the way, i would never wear pants either if i had legs like this...
work it girl!

Love ME!

im appologizing ahead of time.... im sorry

i keep looking/finding/stalking/hating a few "fashion" blogs...
and people, if you are out there... PLEASE don't make your "fashion" blog more about YOU then about "fashion"
Because lets be honest, no one likes someone who is always taking pictures of themselves while posing and smiling in ALL OF THEM....
isnt your blog supposed to be about "fashion" not about you?
Im just saying...

The majority of fashion blogs out there that are writen by my fellow ladies...
i applaud you for NOT making your blog about you while you still feature yourself in the pictures....


5inchandup is one of my obsessions... This girl has amazing fashion sense! Most of her pictures feature her in them but because of how legitimate she is you don't really notice her... you are looking at the fashion, because that is the point!...  (and she is one of the most beautiful girls ever) ...  you are focused on her clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and fashion!!
I hope this helps you people out there.... ha-ha-ha even though the people who are the cause of this rant, probably have no idea about this blog... but whatever...

(i hope you all at least got a good laugh at my crazy vent)

Moral of this rant/rave/vent is to crop/hide your god damn face out of your "fashion" blog.
Unless you want to change your blog to being about you...

i promise these will be my last words...  but let me just say, there is NOTHING wrong with having a blog about yourself...  its just when you try to act like its something else, when its not...

K, i feel better now! (smile)
Love ME!



today i reached 1000 page views since i started this up in August!
makes me smile! hope you readers are enjoying my blog, cause i enjoy blogging!

i took it upon myself to give (myself) a gold star, i think i deserve it (he-he-he, smiley face)!

Love You All!!
Love Me!

For the ladies...

... dont we all wish this was us?
honestly who doesnt like a man with dark hair and a sexy 5 o'clock shadow?
because i know i do...
i just thought i would give you all a reason to smile this wonderful Wednesday morning...

Also, red lipstick is just so fun and classic! Will everyone please go and get some fire engine red lip stick... and kiss your man, or just any man... (smile) ... because kissing is FUN!

One word....

Love ME!



Kim K. You have so much going for you in this outfit...
Wonderful gray tee, with a simple yet chic blazer...
Chanel purse (love)
YSL heels (to die for) 
BUT, you're wearing these HORRIBLE lace up pants?
Who are you, a hooker?
Think about it people, when you imagine people wearing pants that lace up your leg and tie (and showing skin) you think of a "street walker"... aka prostitute!!
Save yourself Kim K. and throw these pants away.

As for Kourtney K. throw that shirt away and never tuck your pants into your beautiful lace up Christian Louboutin heels...

Love ME!

comments (smile!)

hi readers! 
so, i would love it if you could give me some feedback
Tell me what your thoughs are on fashion, the blog, my posts... anything
You can either send them HERE!
or just leave a comment!

you all have the option to leave them anonymously (duh)

(this might just be so i know you readers are out there (SHHH)...
make me feel better people! (smile) i got one the other day and it made me feel like a billion bucks
... billion, with a B)

love you all
Love ME!

im in LOVE!!!!!

... that's all i really have to say...

Basic Tee! Beautiful Black Blazer! Pleather Leggings!
Christian Louboutin Studded Heels!!!!!!
Beautiful Bag, and Chanel (i think) Sun Glasses!

i. want. this.

Thank you Victoria Beckham looking so wonderful here... Now go eat something.
Love ME!

i know its Saturday but...

... you all deserve a good laugh right?
Sad yet typical Lindsey Lohan has already failed not one but two drug test...
for cocaine...

Okay, now honestly Lindsey, get your life together, no one likes a coked out girl...
get back to your "Mean Girl" days or even better... 
"The Parent Trap"
You were Legit... now we all just laugh at your mistakes...

I do love that she is bringing back her red hair...
i bet its all for her so called "come back"
Lindsay, were all rooting for you... but ... its hard.

By the way... no one should ever wear this outfit
Classic example of an outfit that is ALMOST right... 
first, dont show your pockets when you wear short shorts....
second, dont show your socks while wearing boots... 
this outfit would improve tremendously...

Love ME!

Weekend Time

Holler readers.
Its FRIDAY ...  finally!
I hope you all have a wonderful/safe weekend...

Also... i just have to do a shout out to one stylish man who died tomorrow (September 18th) in 1970...
(im lame i know)
Jimmy Hendrix RIP

by the way ... Love the jacket
Love ME!

Obsessed ... #3

oh what i would do to have a 
shoe closet that looked like this...
if i had the space in my (tiny) apartment i would attempted to bulid one myself...
as of now, i have a sorry excuse of a shoe rack hanging on the back of my door, shoes in the hallways, shoes in bins, shoes in boxes, shoes alll over the place.
oh, I would do anything to have this beautifully organized shoe shelf.


As for the shoes...
give me all of them. OH how I L.O.V.E.  shoes.

Love ME!!!

Favorite, Must Have #1

There are a few things in the world everyone needs...
One being a classic white blouse
You can wear a white blouse with just about any outfit and reach any style outcome imaginable with this one piece of clothing.

I (personally) would suggest people to get a loose fitting blouse,
in a beautiful flowing material because it is much more versatile.
You can wear it baggy, tucked, or strapped with a great belt! And really there is
nothing better then having a item that you can wear with anything!

Once again, one of my FAVORITE things, and a must have!
Love ME!!

Again... NO

Yes, I'm back again today and I had to share this ASAP!!!!!!
... Just walking to get some lunch and I see this...

I don't care who you are... don't wear freaking UGG boots and shorts at the same time...
can you say oxymoron? key term moron?
its like ... don't
you are supposed to wear wool lined boots when its cold outside!
dumb ass.

Also ... im all for the baggy tanks with bra showing trend thing... 
but really? a white bra? can you be more creative?
Thanks for listening to me bitch... (smiley face!!)

Love ME!


Now that fall is just around the corner...
here is another fashion accessory that is always fun and a great way to add to an outfit.

Everyone out there, male or female, should have a variety of hats on stock.
Hats are always good to cover up dirty hair when you are to lazy to shower... 
haha gross I know, but totally true.
Cover up that hair, and look fabulous all at the same time!

Also, as a side note, I am completely in love with the ratty hair look.
Is it me or is everyones hair starting to look more ratty and never smooth anymore.
i absolutely love it.

thanks for reading!
and dont forget, you can still send in your truths if you want!
Love ME!

no no no no no!

... This just couldn't wait ...
But why would anyone give in to this woman's demands?
$$12 Million Dollars for 1 year!?
Are you kidding??

First of all... This outfit is HORRIBLE.
Second of all... No one needs to make $12 Million in one year by judging others!
American Idol, I know you need better ratings, but selling out by giving a bitchy rich women more money then some countries spend in 1 or even 5 years is just sick.
Give the money to Haiti (earthquake), Pakistan (flood), or even donate it to New Orleans to help fix up neighborhoods that are still devastated after Hurricane Katrina!
It bothers me.

Shocking news like this just couldn't wait.
Until tomorrow...
Sleep right readers.
Love ME!


I absolutely love earrings.
they are a major accessory to be worn with any outfit.
You can wear the most beautiful, glamorous earrings with a grunge outfit, and it always works!
I have a new obsession with earrings that actually cover the ear.

I see a lot of earrings like this in the Indian culture and I think they are so beautiful and artistic.
I have found pairs at thrift shops, that look more vintage (like below),  I hope they become more trendy now that fashion icons are starting to wear them...

image from olsensanonymous

I just love the "covering the ear" look.
it is just my new favorite look for earrings!

Love ME!

Important Things

For those of you who dont know me yet...
 two things i am very passionate (obsessed) about are...
eyebrows and accessories... 

Ladies out there, there is nothing better then accessorizing! Filling your fingers full of rings,
packing your wrists with watches and bracelets,
wrap your neck with pearls, chains, and pendents!
Hats and earrings (next post!!)

Eyebrows could be one of the most important 'accessories' you get for free!
Yes I said free.
Filling in or dying your eyebrows (by a professional!!!) can update anyone's look!
When in doubt, just make sure your eyebrows look good, and that's all you need!

OHHHHH I just love this picture.
Love ME!!

September 11th, 2001

Let's never forget the people who lost their lives 9 years ago.

 I usually take the weekend off from but I had to give a tribute to all those people who were in the city of New York on that day. Everyone was effected and are hero's in my eyes.

See you all Monday.
Love ME!!

... one more thing ...

I had to share a classic image for fall..

Layers, scarfs, jackets, boots! Love it!

K I just had to share the picture!
Have a great weekend!

Love ME!

"Fall" in love

I love the season of Fall
... along with almost everyone else out there...

layering - one of my favorite things
because you get to wear capes, sweaters, blazers, and jackets with all outfits.
And those layering pieces are staple items when it comes to putting the final touches on your ensemble.
so go shop ladies, find your fall favorites... here are a few of mine!

Love ME!


Hello Readers -
(if you're out there)

I do love all of you sending me your truths.
But, they all seem to be so NEGATIVE...  
SO I'm giving my blog a face lift...
I'm going to post about my truths that make me happy... (i know i'm totally selfish)
that means FASHION, FRIENDS, and FAMILY.
Honestly, the whole point of my blog is to stay anonymous, so i wont really ever show pictures of my family and friends but i will post things that are inspired by them
And I will occasionally share with you some of my vents whenever something 
bugs me... but for now I'm staying happy. 

I hope you all are okay with the new and improved "Anonymous Truths"
Stay reading loves.

Love ME!!


i can't help myself...
isn't she just beautiful!

i found this lovely photo of mylène jampanoï on Le Fashon
i want her shoes, hat, hair, makeup and dress...

Truth by ME!!


"THANK GOD that wedding season is over.
I just cant go to yet another wedding!
dont get me wrong... i love weddings,
but when you see 19-22 year olds getting married after a
(short) "amazing" 9 months together...
it just gets old.
its like, come on!!! what is the rush??
it gets me every time.

i was born and raised in bountiful utah so i understand that this isnt really abnormal...
but im still sick of it
do you really think your ready to move into a home with someone you have only known for less then a year??
or even 2 years? its a huge step, and i cant help but just be annoyed watching all these children getting married.
i truly HOPE you really are happy and stay happy for all eternity.
but if your not... your fault... "

truths by  "thankyouitsover" bountiful utah


Back to reality....
had a wonderful time at the beach!
A post will be on its way today!

By the way,
I want to thank everyone for all there wonderful emails!
I promise that everyone will have their truth posted!
Keep on sending them in!

I know... I'm on vacation, BUT

... I just had to say how Miley is finally
moving her hair into the right direction...

 ... As for everything else regarding her life, her make-up (ew), her outfit, 
and her music.... I still hate it
So Miley, thank you for taking out your
awful hair extensions! You honestly look much better now.

... K now I'm going back to the beach ...
Love ME!

Labor Day Weekend!!

Hi readers... 
(if there are any of you out there) 
...I'm heading down south for Labor Day weekend.
My friend has a house on Newport Beach. So excited!!
Time to leave my cool 70 degree weather and feel the 90 degree beach heat!!
I will be MIA until I return on Monday night. So no post until Tuesday.

Hope you all like the blog thus far!
Send me an email or leave a comment if you want anything changed
or have any suggestions. Love you all!
Thanks for reading!

Love ME!

Sorry, but I dislike you.

"I might lose some friends over this, but it's a risk I'm willing to take.
I strongly dislike the Greek system on Universities.
Sororities. You suck.
Fraternities. You suck.
I'm really sorry if I hurt your feeling you Greek Row people.
But listen to me.

Now, I do understand that not all Universities have a horrible Greek system.
But here at Colorado State University, they suck.

WHY in your right mind would you want to be apart of something that is centered around making the younger people feel stupid and act like slaves?
WHY do you want to be apart of something that puts regulations on how you act?
(Aren't you a adult? Can't you make your own choices?)
Fraternities stop abusing.
Sororities stop adding girls to the anorexic population.
(AGAIN, not all fraternities or sororities are like this. Some might even be good?)

Forgive me if I'm wrong... But I think most will agree with me :)"

Truths by "Emily" Fort Collins, CO

im in love

it is amazing
there is nothing to describe it
once you experience it, you know its real...
(like an orgasm. SORRY I HAD TO SAY IT!)
but really people...
you hear about it, you see it in movies, but once you feel it
OHH its amazing,
giddy doesn't even come close to the feeling that love gives you

(now i keep thinking about orgasms.... glad this is anonymous!)
hahaha just smile because its kind of funny but i'm SERIOUS....

back to the point. 
he makes me happier to anyone in the world...
and i want to world to know that
(but i haven't told him yet, because i'm terrified he wont say it back)

Truths by "I.LOVE.YOU.BEN" -LOveS Angeles

just say B-I-T-C-H

do girls have to pull out the B card so often....
you can be having a completely harmless conversation then SMACK!!
B-I-T-C-H card hits you smack in the face!

i recently experienced a blind-side Bitch attack...
its like, one second im having a completely normal conversation... then before i can say "boo" i hear...
"whatever, i dont even care anymore, if you going to be a bitch about it then i wont even talk to you..."
its like, WHOA, chill women, all i said was
"i dont think thats such a good idea"
(talking about hanging out with a horrible EX-boyfriend) ...
(and when a sentence starts with 'whatever' you know it will turn out bad)
annnnd I'M the bitch???
k then YOU are crazy!!!

i cant stand it. thanks for listening"

truths by "annoyed" San Francisco CA


I can't believe it's already September...
Where did my Summer go?
Luckily it still nice weather here in San Fran a COOL 71 degrees... 
(wish it was warmer tho...)

Hope you all have a wonderful September!!