NYE 2011
by American Apparel
everything you would ever need for new years eve you can get at American Apparel...
and i LOVE it there, they always have the best basic things, then you spice it up with accessories!

They have the best leotards, tight mini dresses and skirts, tights, leggings... you name it, they have it!

Then pair your wonderful outfit with some fun accessories!
mainly STATEMENT pieces!

Have a safe and fun New Years!! 
Here we come 2011!!
Ill be in Vegas this year! 
what happens in Vegas says in Vegas... but maybe ill share some fashion do's and dont's?
well see...

Love ME! <3
Chanel Fashion Show
i want. i need.

I just adore the spider web chain on her hand.
I hope you all got what you wanted for christmas

I know I did. <3
last minute wish list...
All can be found on NET-A-PORTER
Gucci Ring, Marc Jacobs Cross-Bag, Christian Louboutin Spiked Boot, 3.1 Phillip Lim Stud  leather jacket, Ray-Ban Mirror aviator and Kenneth Jay Lane Cocktail Ring!
Sonia Rykiel Ruffled silk dress, Marc By Marc Jacobs iPad case, Helmut Lane Fur vest, Burberry aviator boots, Milly Sequin cover up, and Birger Et Mikkelsen Sequin Vest!
Oliver Peoples frames, Alexander Wang Studded bag, Yves Saint Laurent Tribtoo suede pumps, Pamela Love Tribal spiked cuff, Yves Saint Laurent leather sandals, and TIBI Strapless sequin dress!

I hope you all adore all this as much as I do. 
Have a wonderful Holiday and Merry Christmas!



best thing ever, i know who is bringing them back...
(you know who you are)

I'm busy... 
Holidays are consuming my lives...

wish list coming soon! xoxo

This could be the best military inspired jacket i have ever seen...
makes me think of Michal Jackson - love it
So I had a post in the past where Kim Kardashian was wearing these pants
on the streets of NYC...
And I thought they were horrible...
BUT NOW I see what they are supposed to look like...

I think they look pretty bad ass on this legit girl. 
Not to mention I love her cow boy hat and motorcycle... haha

I think she looks great! 
And I love allll the accessories! So cute!

i love her and everything about her blog!

just simply beautiful!!
I want everything she is wearing, and I want to copy this exact outfit!
ohhh, I'm obsessed!
Love MEE!

my favorite invention ever
they have the ability to make every outfit just adorible... 
But can't be worn all the time... mix it up people!

Love it.
Rock it.

I just found this on Sunday night..
Its a front view of the picture from last Wednesday..
the one with the roller skate cop.. hahaha
I think she is so stunning
and I adore the scarf she has on her collar..
Do men like this exist in the real world?? 
Let me know.

SO beautiful. Looks sooo good!

Love ME
I know, I'm a SLACKER. But I have honestly been so busy.
School is kicking my a$$ so please forgive me for being such a lazy bum!

It is December 1st. Can you all believe it? Well I am honestly shocked at how fast time fly's by..
Its almost 2011 people!!! WOW 

I'm sharing a photo with you that makes me smile...
First... this woman is so beautifully dresses... 
Then, you look at the police officer... kinda awkward but sillllly!

I just adore her style. 
Gimme gimme gimme that suit!
Fashion is so simple, it really explanes itself. I'm going to a phase where I feel no need to say anything about these beautiful fashion photos. 
Let your mind do the talking, until I feel more like typing...
Bundle up readers, its getting colder!
Love ME!

Friday Truth

cant stand it
be who you are 24/7 and dont hide it
dont act one way with some people and another way with others
no one likes someone who doesnt know who they want to beso pick a team people
because when you hide who you are and lie to people
shit hits the fanbut when you act like the person you really want to be well
believe it or notpeople will probably respect you more and let you do what you want
and if they dont
then they arent your true friends
dont be fake
own who you are"

truths by "im.real.what.are.you" LA,CA


All you have to do today is EAT!

Enjoy it!

My daily outfit...

People, you may not believe me.... BUT
my go to outfit for fall/winter is jeans, tee shirt, boots and a jacket..

Now you should all know by now I love fur and other leather goods...
(sorry peta)
But I (sadly) don't have a legit fur coat such as this...
So family out there, if your reading, you know what to get me for Christmas... (smile!)

I wish that was mine...


Rain Rain Rain

I personally love the rain. 
It makes the air small good and the pants grow tall!
But when the rain is coming down like it is today it makes me pull out my handy-dandy 
HUNTER rain boots!

 I have no problem telling everyone out there to go buy themselves a pair.
They will last you your whole life, and you'll never have to buy another pair again!

I personally love the pain black, they are the best..
if you really want to splurge, go and buy the Hunter for Jimmy Choo
(featured in the top pic!)

Love ME!

Random thought...

every where i look i see these Acne boots...

At first glance i LOVED them...
but now, i feel like they are way to much.
Making people look weird... like their feet are the size of their head....
is it me? am i going crazy??

Let me think about it... ill get back to you

obsession #???

Do I even need to say anything?

 ya, I didn't think so...
YSL you have my heart!