Wedding Obsessive

"I am truthfully obsessed with weddings. All things weddings. I love dresses! I LOVE rings! I love looking at wedding photographers websites, their blogs, pictures on the internet. ANYTHING."

"The only thing that is horribly truthful about this obsession is that I fear I will never get married. No one will ever put a ring on my round left finger. 
The worse part is I live in a state where most girls get married by the age 22. I'm already 24. My religion is a large factor to why there are often young couples getting hitched. Because of my faith I feel a huge amount of pressure to tie the knot, yet I don't even have a boyfriend.
I truthfully fear that I will be a 30 year old women that will end up alone. 
Because who wants a 30 year old when they can have a 21 year old..."

Truths by "The Wedding-less Bride" from Provo, UT

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