Happy Halloween Lovers!
I'm getting some things together for my "Semi-Trip"
(You will learn more on Monday about this)

Love you all and be safe!
Love ME!!!

Friday Truth

" I see him everyday
Yet I always walk right on by,
He's no one special to anyone else but me.
I'll probably lose him if I continue to ignore.
But I worry more about what others think about me.
I truthfully hate myself for it.
Hopefully one day I'll get over the stereotypes.
Who says the popular girl cant be with the nerd?
Who says the head cheerleader cant be with the band geek?
Who says the President of the school cant be with the skater boy?
Hopefully me....

... one day well be holding hands in the hall, instead of just walking by ignoring.
truths by Random - Utah"

Hope you're all loving the 'Friday Truth' post every week!
Keep sending them in, I promise they will all be posted!
Thanks for reading loves!
Until Monday!!!
Love ME!!


When in doubt wear black.
That is my staple fashion knowledge!
There is nothing better and classic then just wearing all black.
You can accessorize all you want while wearing black and you always look good!
And you all should know, I l-o-v-e fur, so dont hate me for wishing I was wearing this outfit 24/7
ohhhhhh I just love this look...
Oh and a Chanel Bag doesn't hurt at all... (smile!!!)
whatcha thinkin?? haha

ohhhhhhhhhh give me, give me, give me!

Love ME!!

to legit to quit...

This is the only thing I nee in my life.
A stylish child who rides Razor scooters....
Where in the world do these children exist, because honestly, I dont want a kid right now,
but I wouldn't mind being a nanny for a legit kid like this.
Let me know if you need a nanny in the San Fran area, only if your child is looking like this... hehehe

find him for me please!

Love ME!

fish tail...

So im totally into fish-tail braids right now.
They are really the cutest looking braids around, and they are reallllllly easy to do!!

First, instead of separating your hair into 3 sections, you just do 2 sections.
Second, you grab a strip of hair from the outside of one of the sections and add it to the other.
Third, you go to the other section and grab a strip and pull it back over to the other section...
make sure you grab your strip of hair from the outer side!! Then pull over and add to the other section!! :)

It creates the cutest look! This picture above shows how cute they are!!!
I love, love, love how it looks... SOOO cute

If my steps don't make since to you... (which i would totally understand!) then just click HERE and you can read a more descriptive.

Bye bye!
Love ME!!!


This is the kid of outfit i wish to wear every day this fall...

im simply in love

Love ME!!

Friday Truth

So I have been getting a decent amount of 'Anonymous Truths' emailed to me lately...
(Which I LOVE!!)
So I'm going to start doing "Friday Truths" so all your truths can be shared at the end of the week!
So email your truths into an.anonymous.truth@gmail.com if you want to have your vent, hate, or love shared here every Friday!
Here is the first truth!! Ill see you Monday lovers!
Love ME!!!!

"why do people feel the need to hate?
there has been a lot hate in the world today and im just sick of it
why cant everyone just love eachother for who we are?
stop judging and stop feeling self righteous.
when people are hurting arent we supposed to help them?
i watched a girl at the mall, probably age 15, talk about how ugly and fat their friend was when she was 10 feet away.
Karma is a bitch and shell come back and get you."

"Truth from karma - San Fran"

Obsession... #72874

Alexander Wang is legit.
my favorite purse that is out these days is the Rocco Duffel bag. Click here to check them out!
I seriously love this bag, considering that I'm a starving student, I will not be purchasing one anytime soon but a girl can wish!

The studs are my favorite part (duh) and most of Alexander Wang's bags have these studs on them!
I also love the hobo bag... SOOO lovely!

Until tomorrrrrow!
Love ME!!!

presents for meeeee

I got an iPad!!!

I'm so excited 

Anyone with sweet apps let me know.. after all I am a BlackBerry girl

I may be crossing over to the dark side!! eekkk!!


Everyone loves a good pop of color in their daily lives.
For me, it usually consists of lipstick, a purse or shoes,
because I really am boring when it comes to clothes on myself - I usually wear black and gray 
hahahahah im horrible.
Anyways, I love it when people know how to rock the POP correctly! 
These ladies have it down!

First off - this woman is just gorgeous...
Second off - where do you buy that bright orange lipstick!!
Love herr

This bright blue Chanel purse is to die for!
And these pants alone are a "pop" themselves. But I love how the bright color of the bag changes the whole outfit! 
Imagine what she would look like if it was a black purse....

Everyone needs something to pop their outfit! 

Love ME!

obsessed w/ Rachel

There is one star out there that isn't all over the magizines and news for being a crack head, but instead she is being watched because of her natural style and ability to make anything look so beautiful.. 
I honestly am obsessed with her.
I L-O-V-E-D her in "The OC" ... Summer and Seth were my two favorite characters...
(im still obsessed with Adam Brody looooooove him!)

Anyways, Rachel Bilson is one of the most beautiful people in the world and my latest obsession!

Oh. My. Gosh.
She is sooooo freaking cute! I love her style!
I hope you all do too (smile!)

Love ME!!

NERDs are hot


Don't you all just love nerdy skater boys??
he-he-he I sure do!!

Until Monday!

p.s. next week will bring back some truths, i've been getting some "anonymous truths" sent to me over the past month that a pretty funny!! so every friday i will be posting a "Friday Truth" 
i cant wait to share your truths!!
see ya monday lovers! Love ME!!!

BLAHHHHHH... no no no

I do not know who the person was that started this...
but WHY are ladies starting to pair beautiful heels with socks.....?
I just don't understand this "look"
I think it makes a wayyyyy awesome outfit just look stupid...


K, honestly? 
First off, I have to say that this top and skirt are so damn cute I want both...
(but i mostly want the top!!)
... But really? Those socks with those heels... How cute would she look without the socks!!!

This is a "trend" will soon be looked back on and people will say... 
"What were we thinking" 
Kind of like super flare blue jeans, kitten heels, or ed hardy (everything)...

I can understand that some people can pull this look off... but its still stupid!!! Because those people who can pull it off, are the type of people who can pull everything off, they do all the trends that have anything to do with fashion... And they always look cute.... (Lucky them)
That doesn't mean we still wont look back at them and say... "well she looks cute but why is she wearing socks with heels..."

im just saying (smile)!!!

Love ME!!!!


Please. Give. Me. This.
I would do anything to have this leather vest.

I just cant get over how cool it is!
Doesn't it give off a football pad vibe?
Well I L-O-V-E it... 
give me, give me, give me!!!!!!!

Love ME!

and, ONE MORE for smiles...

Love these!! 

Got it? GOOOOD!

Love ME!!!

Obsession #...???

As you all know, i have several obsessions....
one of those happens to be rings... 

I love finding unique rings! The best is when you find great spots like flee markets or street festivals that have cute little set ups...

when you find a great ring, i always say BUY IT!
because rings are one or those accessories that will never go out of style and you can rock with any outfit... so buy, buy, buy!!!

Love Love Love!!
If anyone knows of any great secret ring shops in the San Fran area, let me know!

Love ME!!


There are several things that this girl does right...
but the one i'm going to talk about today are her
eye brows...
Camilla Belle is SO freaking beautiful i cant stand it.. but her eye brows are always perfect! 
Can anyone get more prefect...?
she does it all right!

I honestly cant stand how beautiful this girl is!
but really people... Check out those brows!

Love ME!

my new best friends

How cool are these two?
They are honestly my new best friends.
I love people (males and females) that have their own legit style. And I just can't get over this picture!

Since it's Friday (already) I hope you all just rock your personal style this weekend, just like these two legit males.
Because they honestly look so fashionable. 
I love them!

Talk to ya Monday lovers.

Love ME!

Forever 20(something)

i love Forever21
it is my guilty pleasure. you can really find the best stuff there.
for cheap!!! whoever created their business model, is s-m-a-r-t!!
because they are always on top of the latest fashion trends, and they make everything affordable!!
granted, you have to search and stay awhile to find the gold! but you can find it!
This whole outfit is only $38! Love it!
so save some money and go shopping at Forever21, because i love shopping there!
(and H&M but thats a whole different post)


This awesome structured blazer is only $30... 
I already own this, (hahah) so i can tell you that the material doesn't feel cheap, because you can run into this problem often at foreverr.

 You CANT find cute boots like this anywhere with out spending at least $100+
but at Forever21 they are $35.
AHHHH love these for fall (once this heat wave goes away)

by the way, they put out new shipment every Friday (usually)!  so thats when you should go ;)

Love you loves!!

Love ME!!


you got to love San Francisco
but, at times i get confused as to why people think it is okay to look/do this...

i wish i could just pull her off her little stand there and whisper in her ear telling her...
"honey, you look like a fool, go get a real job where you could probably make more money in a day then you make in a month"

to bad im just to nice of a person (cough cough) to say that to her face..
instead, i take a picture of her and post it on the internet..........
Moral = don't die your hair orange and become a street performer, cause people are taking your picture cause they are laughing at you, not cause they think your wonderful...
sadly, the people who actually give you money, just feel bad for you, they really don't like your self-made-jams

A truth by me (once again)... he-he-he

Love ME!


i don't know what to say

Michael Kors

(and belt and top ... and everything else... SMILE)

You can wear these pants anywhere, ohhh aren't they just lovely!
what do you all think?
you liiiiike??

LoveLoveLove ME!!

the good and the bad

i found this picture of Nicole Richie... SOOO CUTE!
this outfit just screams my name (cause this is basically all i wear, but probably dont look as cute!)!
I love nothing more then wearing my favorite jeans with a top, comfy big sweater, statement scarf and a HAT!!!
Not to mention she is wearing the WONDERFUL Christian Louboutin studded booties! (as you all should know i'm completely obsessed... yet to poor to purchase any for myself :(
I just think she looks perfect. Everything about this outfit is just well put together and isn't over done...

Now, here is an outfit that is over done...
Don't get me wrong, i actually love Taylor Swift.... But what is she doing here?

Lets start with the top, it could be cute if worn with something plain, like basic jeans or something because this top has so much going on that it is a statement all by itself. 
Personally i think it looks a little to much like a shirt Romeo would wear...

Now the skirt again totally cute, but should be with a cute tee or tank top.. pared with a statement necklace maybe!? (not with the romeo shirt)

OKAY, now the tights... i'm a big fan of tights, especially during the fall season... but really? 
with that skirt and that top! NOT working
Last but not least...
the boots, i absolutely love them, but once again, not paired with everything else here...

Everything that Taylor S. is wearing is absolutely lovely, alone!
honestly, i think none of these should ever be worn at the same time... under any circumstance..

Stay up people! Its only Monday, we have a whole week to go!!
Until tomorrow!

Love ME!


Thank God Its Friday!!!! And wow, its OCTOBER!?
yay, yet another week/month over, super happy about it but shocked at how quick time goes by.
Between school, interning, homework, blogging, friends, family, friends and a boyyyyy, i find myself thinking about how blurred my weeks are together now.
i feel like yesterday was Monday, now its already Friday? Holy Hell people its already October!...
 i'm totally ready for the Weekend!

I kinda like this jacket... 
not with puffy sleeves under, but i think the basic idea with a cute dress or long sweater under the jacket and a fun pair of tights is totally cute.

obviously you all can see that i'm already in the Halloween spirit!
I would totally be a witch if i had a jacket and orange tights... maybe i will!

Until Monday!!!!!

Love ME!!