06.28.11 : 2

yes please!!


ive been out of town peeps, i was slacking yesterday!!
love youuu

via 5 inch and up (check it)

06.17.11 : 2

I don't know about you, but i adore Rachel Bilson
Ever since The O.C. when she played Summer, i have loved herrr!!
she really does have a great personal style.
love this orange blazzer!


blue <3

06.16.11 : 2



i know, i know...
im a slacker, but there are big things happening around here.
(more on that later)
but really working really hard and its paying off!!

ill try to keep up on my posts!! xoxo 
love you all!

06.06.11 : 2

06.06.11 : {sorrry}

my computer got all weird on me the past few weeks and wouldn't let me post ANY pictures!! So I finally fixed it and am back from this lame hiatus! 

Anyways, I hope you all having forgot about me!!


im sorrrrry loves...
my computer went all crazy on me and didnt let me post pics.
im back tomorrow full force!