can you believe that tomorrow will be April.
i can not.

i do have to tell you, i have been experimenting a lot lately with lip sticks.
in particular, pink lip sticks....
im over this whole red thing because it makes me think of a vampire..
and im not sure if im just "anti-red lips" because i know this girl that wear red lip stick EVERYDAY (not exaggerating) and it just has gotten so old and played out - and shes pastie white making me think of vampires.. haha

either way, since we are on our way to summer and the heat and hopefully some sun kissed skin, im in search for the perfect pink lipstick.

im taking suggestions too!!


There is a time in every ones lives when they have to admit...
"i wish i had glasses..."

Now, i have always wanted glasses, and i even got my eyes tested and it actually came back that i did in fact need a pair (even if it was the smallest prescription everrr) of glasses, but the only problem is, when i ware my glasses it makes me get a head ache...
Serious Issues!!

Anyways, i have decided to ignore my embarrassment for wearing fake glasses and embrace it!

and yes, i am rocking it

I hope you can all accept and take pleasure in my new found enjoyment for rocking all shapes and sizes of frames.
because i'm going to love it!!

<3 meee


and these....



i love these!

how fabulous?
i seriously have an issue with shoes, i will never deny shoes ever.


hey males out there
here is a great way to add a bright pop of color to your wardrobe...

i actually love the pink a lot more then the yellow...
the yellow makes me think of firemen for some reason (not that firemen are bad by any means ;)
i think the pink are fun, and if a guy rocked them in the right way they would look great!


The Friday T : Treats

i secretly love to bake and cook. and i honestly have some massive skills when it comes to making garlic bread (random i knowww!!!!!!)

but how great are these cookies?
i want to master these...
but im not much of a cookie girl, i want to try to make these on cupcakes.
wouldn't that be fabulous!?

they are just soo cute

happy friday loves


simple and straight to the point.

i love shoes


i need a new pair or leather leggings.
believe it or not, i got the most legit ones at Forever 21 but now they are starting to wear out .. but thats what i get for paying $14.50 for the things!

does anyone have suggestions on a great pair that wont break the bank??
let me knowwww

by the way
for those who cant tell, thats Olivia Palermo on the left
she's got the best style and i kinda hate her for it...

haha love meee!


can you say darling

i would love to own this dress, i think it would be great for a late night party
with some sky high louboutins..?

it may be a little "modest" looking, but i still think it is so cute - i would actually think it would look better if it was a little shorter ??
i am a leg person, so i say show them off when you have the chance.

let me know what you all out there think...
if your out there?


its monday people

this is my new "go to" business casual look that i want to accomplish...
love the sheer blazer.
The polka-dots are to die for!

Happy Monday loves



i know, im a slacker

i have been away from my computer for the past few days...
and i usually know this in advance so i make sure the post are scheduled to appear on time, but this time i failed, and im sorry for that...

sorry loves - i promise i will try to kick my own ass into gear here very shortly...

<3 xoxo


Happy St. Patrick's Day

sadly, true green is just not my color, but for sake of the holiday, i will rock various shades..

this greenish jacket is just my style for st. patrick's day.
i hope you guys have a fun holiday.

And a safe night, i know lots of people go out drankkkin!

cheers. xoxo


here is another staple item that i would love to own...
i mean, i guess its not a staple...
but its a unique item that i want in my closet...
first of all, a red blazer would be ideal... but the safety pins are adding a fun accent to the blazer that make me super obsessed...

how great is it?
i just adore this blazer and everything about it...
i reallllly think i might go to F21 and buy a red blazer and safety pin it myself...........
yes, i just might!
i also love the loose fitting stripped shirt!

i love it.


this is my ideal out fit
ill wear this any time of the day just because i'm simply obsessed...
but its probably more appropriate for dinner or the office, but the cream blazer really makes it proper for any time of the day!

and honestly, how darling in the pink clutch!
I LOVE the booties, they are so awesoooome!
i love it



so Paris Fashion Week ended last week
it lasted March 1st - March 9th
and it was pretty legit from what i stalked on the Internet...
not only did i love the street fashion that was documented on several blogs, but i also checked out most of the fashion on The New York Times style section... Click here to check it out...

these were the collections for Fall/Winter 2011
and I'm feeling like I'm loving most of the stuff...
why you ask?
well, they have a lot of fur, leather, capes, and just beautiful blouses, coats, suits....
OH MAN.. everything..
(but most if not all the collections had fur included, love it!)

anyways, here are some of my favorites...

Ohhhh i love all of these...

and all the classic trouser and sophisticated looks!!

hope your Monday goes well!!


The Friday T : Trip!
at least i'm hoping...

I got informed that a bunch of my girlfriends are trying to plan a trip to Mexico in May...
and for me, i don't even care what month is is, if you want to go to Mexico, i'm innn!
so now i've been stalking flights, hotels and searching for the perfect swim suit!

which has led me to these pictures... 
ohhhhhhhh man, now i'm torturing myself ... i better go to Mexico!

i adore that white bikini...
just darling!

hope your friday is going just wonderful..
and i hope it continues to be wonderful!!!

Monday will bring more fashion photos from some of my favorite fashion shows for f/w 2011
<3 meee

3.10.11 : 2


i want this...

Celine bags are just beautiful
i've been seeing a lot of small clutches around fashion week too..


i want this bag... 
(lets be honest, what bag don't i want..?)

i wouldn't mind having those booties either...

<3 yaaaa loves!


ive been stalking photos from Paris Fashion Week... and the street fashion is just making me smile...
well there is soo much color, texture and patters...
i'm loving it!
here are some photos of some beautiful flowing silky bottoms...
i'm particularly in love with the pants... they look sooo comfortable and fun (i just dont like the blazer paired with it, but whatever)

i just adore all these photos from Paris Fashion Week... thanks STREETFSH for keeping me updated with all the photos!!
its hump day, we are half way to the weekend! yayaya!


im a little lazy today people...
i was sick this weekend, and didn't feel good alll day yesterday...
i've been applying for some legit jobs all around the country and hopefully i get one! (stressed!)

i'm ready for spring and i think this photo is darling makes me want the HEAT!

i don't know if its just the way the dress is blowing in the wind..
her tan legs
or the fact that its a lovely white dress...
(not 100% on the sleeves, but i would still rock this with some hot pumps or boots and a blazer! Or just alone with some lovely flats!!)

hopefully my spirits will be lifted during the rest of this week cause i'm feeling the BLAHS!
until tomorrow loves!


Can you all believe it's already Monday?
(random fact, there are 299 days left in the year 2011 -  then its 2012... AHHHHHH jk)

Anyways, I found these two pictures of these beautiful white blouses...
annnnd lets be honest, there is nothing better then a perfect white blouse that you can wear with everything!
I think these two are just that!

The top one is sheer and beautiful!! - love it!
The bottom one just looks like the best silky material and looks like it might be a wrap around... DARLING!



I'm so glad that its finally Friday!

The Friday T : Terrible...
I might have been the only person who thought that Kim was going to bring it with this, but i was proven wrong... The Dream just did her wrong  - at least she's been rocking fur, and I love KKTNY! 
I don't think there is much more I have to say... just terrible.


if i could...
i would wear this everyday of my life...
ohhhhhh man!
99.9999% sure those are YSL heels... and they are the b.e.s.t!

sadly, i don't have the cash flow to invest in some YSL pumps, but i can dream right!?...
so for now, i work it the best i can. and one day, ill have that exact pair.

i hope your all having a great Thursday, and tomorrow is FRIDAY
and as Rihanna would say... "cheers to the frickin weekend i drink to that, yaya!"
(and if you don't know what i'm talking about, google it, i hope you like it!)

until tomorrow!
xoxo <3



new iPad people...
The iPad 2

comes in white! CUTE
and there are "smart covers"

March 11th...


for those of you who dont know, im completely, 100% obsessed with studs...
and when i say studs, i mean statement studs!!
all these pieces have the most legit studded accents, and i need to find a cute and affordable studded jacket, purse, shoes and everything for that matter....

ohhhhh i just love studs...
(the male version too... ahahah!)
its Wednesday... i want it to be Friday...



how is it already here!?
makes me think of the warmth.
the sun...
Spring break, laying out and catching some rays!

get your suits out ladies and gents
im sooo ready for some heat and sun!!!

and how Great it this suit!! i dont know who designs it, but i think its lovely!
and im obsessed with the huge wooden cuff on the left! SO AWESOME!
annnnd the large ring on the right hand! <3