Fashion is so simple, it really explanes itself. I'm going to a phase where I feel no need to say anything about these beautiful fashion photos. 
Let your mind do the talking, until I feel more like typing...
Bundle up readers, its getting colder!
Love ME!

Friday Truth

cant stand it
be who you are 24/7 and dont hide it
dont act one way with some people and another way with others
no one likes someone who doesnt know who they want to beso pick a team people
because when you hide who you are and lie to people
shit hits the fanbut when you act like the person you really want to be well
believe it or notpeople will probably respect you more and let you do what you want
and if they dont
then they arent your true friends
dont be fake
own who you are"

truths by "" LA,CA


All you have to do today is EAT!

Enjoy it!

My daily outfit...

People, you may not believe me.... BUT
my go to outfit for fall/winter is jeans, tee shirt, boots and a jacket..

Now you should all know by now I love fur and other leather goods...
(sorry peta)
But I (sadly) don't have a legit fur coat such as this...
So family out there, if your reading, you know what to get me for Christmas... (smile!)

I wish that was mine...


Rain Rain Rain

I personally love the rain. 
It makes the air small good and the pants grow tall!
But when the rain is coming down like it is today it makes me pull out my handy-dandy 
HUNTER rain boots!

 I have no problem telling everyone out there to go buy themselves a pair.
They will last you your whole life, and you'll never have to buy another pair again!

I personally love the pain black, they are the best..
if you really want to splurge, go and buy the Hunter for Jimmy Choo
(featured in the top pic!)

Love ME!

Random thought...

every where i look i see these Acne boots...

At first glance i LOVED them...
but now, i feel like they are way to much.
Making people look weird... like their feet are the size of their head....
is it me? am i going crazy??

Let me think about it... ill get back to you

obsession #???

Do I even need to say anything?

 ya, I didn't think so...
YSL you have my heart!


Friday Truth

"I love love love when you find love.
When you find that random person 
that puts your puzzle together.
I found my missing puzzle piece. I'm
loving it.
Truth by Sarah -San Fran California"

suprisingly interested...

I'm usually not a fan of showing off socks or thigh high tights...
I usually think it is somewhat trashy ... But there are a few things these days that i like...
First I LOVED these long sock/leg warmer things in a previous post... click HERE

Then now, I'm totally loving these little tight/socks. They look so cute!
I don't know what the rest of her outfit looks like, but the cute detailing brings a classic look!

Duh, and I totally love the booties... Does anyone out there know who made the shoes???

Love ME!!


There is something about the color RED
When you wear that color, you just feel a little more powerful..
I found that sporting the color red just makes you look more important :)

First... This outfit in general is perfect in every way possible.
This woman has a beautiful sophisticated outfit on ... a classic soft looking white shirt,
and an awesome navy skirt! (I love the abstract look of the skirt with the buttons on the side and the cute little slit that shows her leg!)
accessories... LOVE IT...
Then DUH, the red purse! The way the gold chain complements the red just makes me want to seal this whole outfit from this woman... DUH don't worry, I wont!

Lastly... these red leather pants! Are simply just amazing!
This lady just looks so bad ass!
And I love how the pants have seams all across the thighs and knees. I feel like I'm not cool enough or hard core enough to rock pants like this... but if I even find any that are this cute, I will probably just buy them for the day I get brave enough to wear them!


warm yourself

Now that were feeling the effects of winter arriving 
I'm please to announce its time to pull out your favorite winter coat.
I am personally loving the leather/sherpa jackets that are out this season.
There is nothing better then a great leather jacket...

I'm loving this jacket, doesn't it just look like the most comfortable thing ever, like butter melting on your skin? OKay, that might be a little much!

For those of you who aren't as leather friendly as I am, there are a vast amount of
animal friendly faux-leather/faux-sherpa jackets out there.
Example... one of my new favorite stores is...
Quiksilver Women

Even though this jacket will still run you around $100 its awesome for the cold temperatures to come!

Love meee!

Leighton Meester for Vera Wang

I saw this last week on Twitter .......
(yes I'm on twitter, follow me!)
......... but, I already had all the post scheduled for the week so I had to wait till today!

BUT, what a better way start out the week!
And how BEAUTIFUL is she in this BEAUTIFUL Vera Wang dress.
OHHHH how I love Vera.
Soon I will dedicate a post to Vera, I just don't want to be "wedding obsesses" as people like to call it.
Even though I totally love weddings, I should be a wedding planner, instead I'm pursuing a very competitive industry... fashion, marketing, PR, clothing, blah blah blah, just like everyone else at FIDM. 
I'm beginning  to rethink my future - WOW please stop me now before I bore you all to death!

ANYWAY! Love ME!!!

Friday Truth

"I hate bitches that copy me, I am flattered, yet I am annoyed when I have something first then, some random girl goes out and buys the same thing! Ew!
I want to yell at these type of people but I cant. I cant because I am the nice girl. 
Really, I am known as the nice girl. I don't want to be the nice girl anymore, I want to scream and yell at people these days. I don't know what is wrong with me.

Soon, I think I might snap.
Truths by The Nice Girl - SLC Utah"

I'm L.O.V.I.N.G the 'Friday Truth' readers!
Keep sending them in to
Until Monday, lovers!!!
By the way, Mondays post is GREAT! Get excited because I am!

Love ME!!


Hi lovers! Hope your all excited for the wonderful weekend ahead of you!
I just want to give a little shout out to all you readers out there.
USA, Canada, Russia, China, Australia, Denmark, India, Netherlands, Poland and Spain.
I love all of you and thanks for reading!

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Love ME!!!

One more time...

Yesterdays post was featuring Joanna Hillman.
As you already know, I'm obsessed with her.. so I had to show her off one more time!
Ill keep it short and sweet for all you... (SMILE!)

Do I even need to say it? 
I am so completely in love with this entire outfit...
She knows how to wear anything and I love it!

 I want this skirt... Doesn't it look like suite ties?

Anyways... If I could make a list of peoples closet I could raid...
Joanna would be on in my top 10 for sure!!

Smile people...
Love ME!!


Joanna Hillman of Harper's Bazaar is one beautiful woman.
And she is always looking great.
She has her own casual style which always has something that POPS!
She has been featured on Le Fashion several times and there is no doubt in my mind as to why... 
She really has a great personal classic style.
She keeps it simple, personal, and feminine.

She always has it all put together!
(Personally, I would never wear those shoes)
 Everyone out there needs to take notes because she has all areas of fashion covered and looks so lovely!! 
Yet she looks like it took her 5 mins to get ready! Which I love!

She is so beautiful!
And she looks like a pretty bad ass chick too, and I love strong independent women!

TOMORROW... i will be showing two more outfits that were worn by Joanna Hillman.
She is just to awesome to only have one day for her....
So until tomorrow...

Love ME!!! 


Don't you hate it when people think they are being fashionable when really they are just being a Fashion Flop?

Well I HATE it.
Some people think that they are ahead of the "fashion trend" but really, they are just embarrassing themselves. 

I found this image on a fashion blog...

The only good part about this is the top half of her body...
Blazer and Stripes, wonderful!!!
Shorts, purse and shoes... NASTY!

And don't get me wrong, I love vintage purses and funky shorts like that, but its like....
Get your life together and know what to wear with what!

Some one please help this flopper...
Love ME!!!

LANVIN for H&M Full Collection


Oh. My. Gosh!
I am so ready for this!
I've already looked it up and there is one location in San Fran that will have the collection.
I am SOOOO excited. 
I love the shoes, dresses!!!, and funky shirts! accessories! blahhhahahha I cannot wait!

 Here are a few more pics just for fun! :)

So obsessed. 
(Ill share more about the wedding next time.) 
Hope you live near an H&M that sells the collection!
If not, I suggest you find one.. hahah
love youuu

Love ME!!!


It is NOVEMBER 1st!!
Unfortunate for you readers out there I'm going on a semi-vacation.
One of my besties from High School is getting married this weekend!
Luckily for me, its a destination wedding!! BAHAHAHA
So I will be escaping to the beautiful (hot) island of Hawaii!!!

I honestly am telling you this so you will be jealous! (Smile)
So since ill be gone I will only be posting photos this week!
No time to type out my thoughts!

Still love you though!

Love ME!!

sticking with the theme...