My Truths : Part Two


MEN and Women that are WAY TO SKINNY!
Because no one likes looking at someone who they could personally break with the own two hands...
Also, don't be the skinny girl who always says "oh I cant eat that", or "you are so skinny!!" (mainly annoying when the skinnier person is telling you how skinny you are when they are obviously like 10-15 lbs lighter then you)

FAKE TANNING... I'm totally anti! Not only is it a SUPER DISlike for me...
but its also VERY unhealthy! 
Here is a wonderful quote from
"Women who use tanning beds more than once a month are 55 percent more likely to develop malignant melanoma, the most deadly form of skin cancer."

This next one might make a few people mad but... here I go! 
I HATE vampires...
I cannot stand this obsession with the Twilight Series and the Edward Cullen Family.
Because REALLY people, do you seriously want to date someone that is COLD and wants to pretty much suck your blood and kill you?
IF and only IF for some reason wasn't so against this whole Twilight Series... I would totally go for Jacob.

SUPER Fake BOOBS ... Hate them!
And poorly applied and Nasty Eye-Makeup ... Not only hate it but it makes me want to vomit.
I really want to know if people like this even look in the mirror. And if they do, do they really think that they look good!?
Because it just makes me, and everyone else forced to be around her HUGE boobs and nasty makeup face, totally S-I-C-K.

 Lets all just take a moment and laugh....... HahahahahaHAHAhahaHAHAhaha!

Okay, I kind of feel bad..
But... I HATE it when girls dress up on Halloween as lame "sexy" things, such as a bumble-bee, a cop, a teacher, librarian, or anything else like that. Most of the time, the girls who do this DON'T even look sexy. They look like idiots!

Lets take another moment and laugh again ...  hehehehe ahahaha LOL!
Okay, now I'm over it.

And last but not least of my Peeves/Hates/DISlikes for the day....
I strongly DISlike the smell of wet dogs.
It is frankly one of the most DISGUSTING smells around!
I truthfully cannot stand it...


Anonymous said...

you sound bitter. and jealous.

Anonymous said...

I must test those boobs to make sure you are correct.

I figure about 10 years of testing, at least once a day.

I'll get back with you on the results.