Profile Picsss

"Lets be honest, there is nothing more annoying then when you see someone on facebook or myspace and they always have their profile picture set on one they took of themselves.
I personally think it is not only awkward to see part of your arm sticking up where you are obviously holding the camera, but its also just stupid. Do people really have nothing better to do then sit and take pictures of themselves?
If your really lame enough to take time out of the day to have a photo shoot by yourself, then at least set the timer on the camera, so it looks like someone else took it! DUH!!!!!!! That way we dont have to look at your freaking arm, reaching for the sky!!
Also, boys out there.. No one cares if you have an iPhone 3GS or 4 or a BlackBerry, or some other nice expensive cell phone that you can take your self portrait in the mirror with... awkward!

People really dont get it do they?... I truthfully cannot stand it."

Truths by "Anonymous"

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