My Truths : Part One

I love clothes, purses, shoes, ear rings, bracelets, watches and everything fashionable you could imagine. They make me happy more then anything. I could live with clothes rather then people.... If I could I would buy all the clothes I wanted.

I am in love. I love a boy with all my heart. He makes me happier than clothes ever would (ironic i know).  Whenever I see him, I smile.  All the years we have been together, I still love him like the first moment I realized I did. He simply is the b-e-s-t.

I hate it so much when there is a noise I cannot stop. The random squeaking sound you hear in your car when your driving... DRIVES ME CRAZY.

I cannot stand it when people pop their gum. You will be sitting in a room having a conversation and someone will have that skill to pop their gum. I wish I could say "STOP chewing your gum... NOW" while smacking them... (but i don't want to be the bitch i am in my head)

I honestly believe you can make a wish upon a shooting star. And it will come true.

I hate it when dogs lick me. I hate it! I hate it when you put lotion on your legs and a dog/your dog comes and licks it right off. Eww.
I also hate dog hair... because gets/sticks to your/mine clothes. I hate seeing it on my own clothes cause its simply revolting. I also hate it when I see dog hair on other peoples clothes. There is nothing more awkward then admiring someones beautiful outfit and the first thing you notice is the dog hair... honestly people, get a lint roller.

I love it when people can just wear a t-shirt and jeans with their hair messy and not care at all.
Because I love it when people DONT get ready everyday... AND I hate it when people DO. When someone has their hair curled with their makeup all done and their outfit is all put together just to go to buy a f@cking gallon of milk... its like, honestly honey?
I hate it more then anything when people use the word "Me" "Mine" "I" and "My" in their vocabulary more then any other word in the dictionary. Try asking other people about them. STOP being so into YOURSELF.  And STOP putting yourself first, and start putting other ahead of you.
This is where you readers come in. Send me YOUR truths, vents, likes, opinions, thoughts, dislikes, peeves, loves, hates or anything else you want to share anonymously. 

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