hahahahaha - All I do is laugh at you...

"so i dont know what is so attractive about LONG fake nails, aka claws.
i mean lets be honest, most women out there have gotten some fake nails at one time or another.
and really... they can be really beautiful if you maintain them and have them PROPERLY maintained.
but the thing i just cant stand is when girls think it is attractive to have CLAWS!
its just crazy to me! like how do you get anything done?
truly, i rarely see girls with these claws around (probably because i would never let any of my friends do that to themselves) ... so whats the issue?
WELL my new job at this dentist office forces me to listen to the annoying nail tap and scrap and all sorts of noises these long claws create ... and these noises are caused by the (honestly) so cute and beautiful girl i work with. and she has sadly subjected herself to this horrible beauty FLAW ...

WHYYYYYY!!!! i wish i could scream at her! shes SOO cute and has SOOO much potential to be like a 10!!!
but instead she has these nails that are ALMOST an inch long
eww and they are wider and really square at the end!
but these awful nails (THAT SHE PAYS FOR) make her look like 50% ghetto/trashy.

i wish i could rip the nails off her fingers and paint them with 'big apple red' by OPI
but since i cant, ill just laugh (hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha) "

truths by "Britney" from Provo UTAHHH

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