04.27.11 : 5


is it just me? or are these not as cute as the other pic?? 
i feel like shes not rocking them correctly?
maybe shes to short? haha
maybe its the tights?
not sure, but they just aren't working to their full potential here...
i sill love kourtney tho...

04.27.11 : 4

completely obsessed....
check it out for yourself, there are several other pics..
you'll die when you see the other pictoralsss

04.27.11 : 3


04.27.11 : 2



wednesday... hump day... go hump

ahhhh jk... but really, no one is stopping you :)

as for the bedazzled phone... legit
yes it it khloe kardashians (my favorite sister) and yes it was featured in Elle magazine along with some bad ass pictures of her shoe closet... 
ill post those pics too... xoxo

4.22.11 : 3

happy friday everyone.
be safe and dress like a STARRRRRR


4.22.11 : 2


im slacking.
The Friday T = Tops

particularly top hats... my latest obsession - fedoras..

the photo below from yesterday is also gorgeous...
<3 yaaaa

04.19.11 : 3

this would be a great present to find...

04.19.11 :2


Statement pieces are necessary!
i find this one to be darling!
i would honestly wear this with a chic black outfit, love it.

i need to find this...


this photo makes me think of spring.
i love the sun and i cant wait for days laying by the pool and catching some sun!!

not to mention those purple louboutins are fabulous!


Friday T : Tattoo

I've been noticing a lot of tattoos out and about...
personally, i don't have any, but i cant help but obsessing over them...
i find them fun and beautiful... but maybe i only like them because they are on someone else?

and yes, that is ashley tisdale... scandal!!

04.14.11 : 3

04.14.11 : 2

i have been getting a little "post happy" the last few days...
but i have SO many photos i want to share with you
so i figure, when i find one i want to share immediately, i will do just that..

this photo is a little overwhelming for me...
well, looking at this small portion of this woman's outfit i can already tell you i want to be her!
hahahaha - yes totally crazy.
Celine bag, YSL ring, Hermes cuffs!
ohhh to die for....
to be more specific, check out the RING!! ahhh I want it!!
yes, completely obsessed....


i shouldn't even say anything...

Tiffany blue...
favorite color...
does anyone know where i can find a Tiffany blue nail polish??

04.13.11 : 4

are these even real?

these probably shouldn't be legal for purchase

04.13.11 : 3

this is simply gorge!!
i love the flowing material of the animal print dress...
studded purse, duh

<3 yaaa

04.13.11 : 2

i want to make these...


i found this image via musings in femininity ...
and i'm completely obsessed
you all know how i feel about studs
but this is even better because it shows off trench coats! love ittt!!
this explains it..

i do need to find a fabulous trench coat, because i dont own a good one...
im in serious need of one, it would be great if i could afford a studded burberry trench...
probably wont happen while im still in school...


04.11.11 : 2



i saw this photo, and i am completely obsessed!

The jacket..
The boots!!!
and the bag... i love it!


The Friday T : Tail

aka Fish Tail - my new obsession, i love this braid and how it looks, ive been rocking it everyday...
and when i dont have the patients for this lavish braid, i just stick to the classic look, and add a cute little accessory...

i hope you all have a lovely weekend.