eyelash + extensions = horrible

There is a trend floating around that is just horrible.
Eyelash extensions... I think they are the worst things that hit the market. They look horrible! 
Come on ladies, stop with this crazy crap. I can't stand them. They rarely look good. All they do is make your eyes look droopy. They are usually to heavy for your eyelids to hold up.
It's likes a sad joke that the beauty industry is playing on stupid girls that fall for it.
Because women with eyelash extensions don't look good nor do they look natural. People need to learn the difference between false eyelashes and eyelash extensions. When you see people in hollywood and their eyelashes look beautiful, its NOT because they have eyelash extensions, its because A. they have a make-up artist. and B. they are applying individual false eyelashes in strategic places to make their eyelashes not only look fuller but NATURAL. 
 So lets face it ladies, and let me be the one to tell you what everyone is thinking behind your back.
Eyelash Extensions do not look good. They make you look like a person who is drugged out and can hardly keep their eyes open. So save your self some money and some embarrassment.

Truths from "Brittany Blunt" - LA, California

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