Oscar Post...
i'm only going to take time today to post my favorite's from last night
there were a few gowns from that i just HATED (cough cough, Nicole Kidman)
But most of them were simple and elegant....
here are my favsss....

Simple ladies in silver and gold!
i thought Michelle Williams looked gorgeous in Chanel, but did anyone think that she looked angry, evil, and depressed the whole time?
Gwyneth Paltrow was georg in this Calvin Klein gown... but i wish she had more curves to work with... shes kinda straight... and i didnt like the little gem on her left hip...
Halle Berry wore this beautiful Marchesa gown... one of my favorites!
Celine Dion wore this Armani dress... i thought it was simple and flawless... can you believe she just had twins!?
Hilary Swank looked great in Gucci... i think the feathers paired with the sequins was great, but every time i see her, i picture her a boxer, its just awkward...

Beautiful in Black an Red!
Camila Alves, who is Matthew McConaughey's baby mama, looked BEAUTIFUL! (i wish i found a single picture of just her...) She wore this Kaufman Franco black gown and looked SO STUNNING! - obsessed!
Sandra Bullock rocked this Vera Wang gown and looked great! She should have brought Louis as her date!
Reese Witherspoon wore Giorgio Armani Prive. I just adore her, so i have to put her up here.. im not obsessed with her gown, but love her green earrings, which you cant see very well here... :(
Jennifer Lawrence (who i dont know very well) wore Calvin Klein. And looked SOO GOOD. She is a hot girl and i hope she gets a lot of work because i want to see more of her! 

Mila Kunis wore this Elie Saab gown from the Spring 2011 collection...
umm hello? remember this post!? - i adore this whole collection!!
ohhhh im so glad she wore this... she is so banging and i love her..
Thank you Mila for making my night!!



thank the lord its friday...
im soooo ready for the weekend!!

The Friday T : Train Wreck...

Has anyone noticed how "down hill" Christina Aguilera is going??
(i mean, yes, we all know that Christina wasn't always on "top" but the girl came back... and she can SINGGG!!)
well no worries if you haven't, cause i sure have.. and i'm here to post the documentation of her Downward SLIDE!

The gooood Christina...

and the downward slide begins...

loser boyfriend... right after you get a divorce? ghetto...
say the WRONG WORDS in then national anthem? awkward
(even though it did sound beautiful..)
fall at the Grammy's?! luckily not a lot of people saw it happen...

Not to mention, everyone else is talking about her just sinking into the toilet...
it could partly be her new loser-gold-diggin-boy???

i want the old Christina back... the one that was in between now and when Dirrty came out (hahahahaha)... the cute one...

come back Christina...


fashion week favorites...
from NYFW and the current LFW...

I just adore the first red dress with the Prada clutch and the green stripe skirt.
The leopard top is an obsession of mine and the flowing skirt with the bright orange louboutin heels! to die for!
Olivia Palermo has incredible style, shes all over fashion week! And once again, the Hermès Birkin  bag and my favorite top - FUR!
my FAVORITE is the popped collar on the hansom man, its fun how it has a ribbon sewed in to add a little pop! 
Then lastly, i love the two twin like males, they are wearing the same jacket, pants and shoes!

ohhhhhhhhhh fashion week - gimme, gimme, gimme!!!

Tomorrow is Friday... <3


i could be the laziest person in the world (on every level... by mainly...) when it comes to my hair.
i shower, blow dry it (if that) (but usually air dry it), then i just throw it on top of my head...
luckily, this bun on top of my head is somewhat in style right now...
so i don't look so lazy and lame.
luckily i rock hot blazers with shoulder pads to spice up my "lazy look"

Did i mention i hate Wednesdays?
can it please be Friday already.
hope your work day is going better then mine!!

tomorrow im going to show some of my favorite looks from the various Fashion Weeks that have been going on around the globe...
im obsessed, with most of the fashion... just give me an unlimited credit card (that i never have to pay off) and i will dress like these people everyday... 
(ya right)


Tuesday... Not Monday, but still shitty... BLAH!
here is a wonderful photo...

and, oh my gosh...
i wish this was me...

fur  (ohhh myyy obsessed)
Hermès Birkin bag
hot pink lips...
holy shiiiit, i'm seriously in envy over this photo
until tomorrow...


sorry im late today... oops!

its presidents day...
here are some fashionable presidents and their lovely families...

i guess there are only 2 presidents that are fashionable enough to hit this blog.
totally joking, but in the presidents that have been around in my life time, Obama is the only one who is in any way "fashionable" other then that, JFK is a given... 
i was going to put one of up Abe, but i couldn't bring myself to doing so, i only adore his top-hats!

Have a great day - hopefully your at home, not at work!



not a normal day for a post...
but i'm sorry, i couldn't resist...

i hope none of you out there has hair like this...

i honestly don't understand why anyone would do this to themselves...
there are much better ways to look "cool" by shaving some part of your head..

why in the world would a woman want to have a 
massive widow's peak??

kkk, hehehehehe, happy Saturday! xoxo


The Friday T : Thoughts...

i love finding all these cute little thoughts and quotes.
These are a few of my favorites
Ill share more later!

images from here and here

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday.
and a great weekend!



okay, so i have been searching for this site and i finally found it!
for those of you who don't know, Anthropologie just launched a wedding line on Valentine's Day...
and here is the link...

i think its darling!!!

i'm not getting married any time soon...
but i adore this site, they have everything you need as a bride!!
if anyone needs help, i great at planning weddings... ;)

check it out brides to be, its wonderful!


its hump day people!
I feel like on days like this, you need a little inspirational boost!
And what better way to do so then dress to impress!!
make a statement and stand out!

Taking simple fashion risks can pay off in all ways possible.
not only will you get complements for wearing those vibrant blue heels... 
but you will also feel sexy and look great.
whats better then looking great on the outside and feeling great on the inside!?

<3 me


I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day


I <3 these pictures.

Love makes me smile.
I hope everyone out there felt the love yesterday and continues to feel it the rest of February!! 



Happy Valentines Day

Spend it with someone you love
your boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend or even your puppy dog!

<3 you all


Grammy Post...

...about what else, the fashionnnn!
and im not going to lie...
most of the fashion was B-A-D
NO ONE looked fabulous. Only weird, horrible, and awkward...
Snooki (of all people) was one of my favorites.
(that shows you how bad everyone else was)

The good...

I think that these women, and 3 men (kings of leon) were dressed so classy. 
i understand that the Grammys always have people dress kinda funky to express their artistic side, but im still thinking that when you leave the house you should look presentable!

The okay...

These women look great. But i think the are only okay...
I think that most of there gowns are cute but there is something off on all of them, a little to much going on, or not enough going on...  Leann Rimes dress looks good, but she looks to skinny to me.. ehh

The Awful...

What The Hell. Most of the people at the Grammys looked like idiots. Rihanna looked horrible. Katy Perry, what the hell (and did she get a boob job? They look much larger then normal...) you can be unique without looking like a fool. Everyone knows GaGa was going to show up in something crazy, so no shock there... Everyone else, get a better stylist.

Needless to say, i'm a little disappointed.
The performances on the other hand..
were great!
But the BEST part of the night was when Seth Rogan said this...

"It's my first time at the Grammys. I'm having a spectacular time so far. I've seen things I've never seen before, I'm hearing things I've never seen before. And I wasn't even watching the show," said the Green Hornet star. "I was backstage getting high with Miley Cyrus!"

Valentine's Day is TOMORROW!


The Friday TTempt
(entice or attempt to entice (someone) to do or acquire something that they find attractive)

make sure you feel sexy and someone will be tempted to ask you out (or at least blatantly check you out)
because when you feel sexy and confident, it shows!

original image from here, but edited by ME

Since its the friday before Valentines Day lets end the week off with some love!
Monday may be a great day for you...
or it may be a shitty day...
whether you spend it with a special someone or not ... be happy!
One of my favorite things to do is throw a girls night party with all my single ladies! 

No tears this Valentines Day!



Valentine's wish list anyone..??
okay, okay... so this is a real WISH list.
because for me, most of this will never be given to me
because it is wayy to pricey for my man.
BUT i don't care because i don't want to be with someone who can give me everything i have ever wanted, i want someone who is real, and works hard for what he gets...
and that's what i got! <3

Massive quantities of David Yurman Jewelery 

Christian Louboutin studded boots!!

ALL and EVERY Chanel Bag!!

A Hermès Birkin bag

Some high Prada pumps!

a really soft and awesome Fur Coat!

Classic Christian Louboutin heels! Duh...

the only thing that I NEED for Valentine's Day...


Some flowers... and

a kiss, dinner, and him as my date!
What is your Valentine's Day wish list?
I hope your all ready! Monday is coming soon.

xoxo <3


this could be the best outfit someone could ever wear.
my type of attire
i <3 it


can you say sexy?

does anyone watch the show White Collar?
its on USA....
well, if you haven't you should for one reason...
Matt Bomer
he could be one of the hottest men in the world at this moment.
he dresses SO well and always looks so beautiful!

images via unknown and here
isn't he just lovely?
i heard he is gay, if so, i am seriously depressed because that means i have no chance...
but its okay, doesn't mean i cant look at him ;)