"you look all bug eyed and shit"

"what is the deal with people buying color contacts?
i do not understand why someone in their right mind would purchase them.
it really is one of the most awkward things to experience.
have you ever had to have a conversation with someone who is wearing them?
its weird right!?
because their eyes never look 100% normal.
i wish i was blunt enough to say.. "um, hi, ya, you know you look all bug eyed?"
but honestly, i am to nice for that... that is why i came here to anonymously vent my frustrations out.


SOO people, lets just accept that your eyes arent green or blue. they are actually a really beautiful brown color. AND THATS FINE!
trust me nothing is wrong with that. 
you should want to look normal, rather then awkwardly scary bug like..."

truths by Sara J. salt lake city utah

obsessed #1

Just one more post for the day...
isn't he just beautiful...

Image from Le Fashion

I'm obsessed.


For those of you that don't know...
Paris Hilton got arrested for possession of cocaine in Las Vegas NV.
Here is her half way decent mug shot...
Of course, Paris says the cocaine was not hers. She didn't even know it was in her purse...
(ya right)
Any ways, the moral of the story is....
What happens in Vegas... Doesn't stay in Vegas.

Paris = Hurt

Hurt (verb, noun, adjective): may refer to a painful sensation or emotion...
to cause injury to... 
to damage or decrease the efficiency of by striking, rough use, improper care, etc.

Thank Goodness!

Never understood why HE was with HER...
"Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth Split"
Thank you "OMG by Yahoo" for informing me of this wonderful news!

Truths by ME! 

hahahahaha - All I do is laugh at you...

"so i dont know what is so attractive about LONG fake nails, aka claws.
i mean lets be honest, most women out there have gotten some fake nails at one time or another.
and really... they can be really beautiful if you maintain them and have them PROPERLY maintained.
but the thing i just cant stand is when girls think it is attractive to have CLAWS!
its just crazy to me! like how do you get anything done?
truly, i rarely see girls with these claws around (probably because i would never let any of my friends do that to themselves) ... so whats the issue?
WELL my new job at this dentist office forces me to listen to the annoying nail tap and scrap and all sorts of noises these long claws create ... and these noises are caused by the (honestly) so cute and beautiful girl i work with. and she has sadly subjected herself to this horrible beauty FLAW ...

WHYYYYYY!!!! i wish i could scream at her! shes SOO cute and has SOOO much potential to be like a 10!!!
but instead she has these nails that are ALMOST an inch long
eww and they are wider and really square at the end!
but these awful nails (THAT SHE PAYS FOR) make her look like 50% ghetto/trashy.

i wish i could rip the nails off her fingers and paint them with 'big apple red' by OPI
but since i cant, ill just laugh (hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha) "

truths by "Britney" from Provo UTAHHH

YES! I'm Guilty....

And when I say sisters I mean Kourtney and Khloe...
Is it me, or is Kim the most ANNOYING person around? Like, she is reallllllly into herself.
Khloe is just a bitch and hilarious. Kourtney is a little retarded for being with that dumb ass Scott.
BUT I still love her clam kinda weirdly flat attitude!

I'm addicted to their show... I can't help it!
It IS my guilty pleasure... and I am 100% G-U-I-L-T-Y!

Truths by "guilty K" S.L.C. utah


"So I'm walking away from campus today and I end up behind this chick...

It's like really hun? You're going to wear white pants with some gnarly cuts up the side...
AND you have fluorescent pink underwear on? (they aren't justified in this photo...I tried people, camera phones aren't the best quality)
It's like, even though your at school early in the morning, and its the second week of class,
PLEASE put on some JEANS!
It's not hard at all...
If I could, I would take you to my home and save you."

Truths by "meeeee" Denver CO


its so good. yummy!"

truths by "i (heart) watermelon!" San FRANNNN


Hey everyone, I need more truths sent in!! I'm running out of posts!

Tell your friends about my blog so they can send them in too!!!

- Anonymous Truths!

I can't stand these girls...

"No, you don't look good. REALLY YOU DON'T LOOK GOOD!"

Truths by: "Sick of this Jersey Crap" CA, USA

Love Louboutin

"No words can describe my love for Christian Louboutin Heels and shoes...
all i can say is i adore them, and they are beautiful"

"okay. you get my point..."
Truths by "love louboutin"  San Fran CALI!

L. O. V. E.

Time to stop being so negative. It's always good to get some things off your chest,
but it's also great to put some positive things out into the universe! :)

I just L.O.V.E. the way this women is dressed. She is so beautiful.
She is wearing my favorite things, jeans and a tee!
Then she accessorizes her outfit with an awesome clutch, huge aviator shades, some jewelry and a bad ass vintage belt!
I just love it!

Image from http://lefashionimage.blogspot.com/
--On Le Fashion, they pretty much say the same things.... but i couldn't help how much i love this look!! Check out Le Fashion for more beautiful, wonderful fashion photos!!

Honestly! How wonderful does she look?!

Truths by ME!!  





eyelash + extensions = horrible

There is a trend floating around that is just horrible.
Eyelash extensions... I think they are the worst things that hit the market. They look horrible! 
Come on ladies, stop with this crazy crap. I can't stand them. They rarely look good. All they do is make your eyes look droopy. They are usually to heavy for your eyelids to hold up.
It's likes a sad joke that the beauty industry is playing on stupid girls that fall for it.
Because women with eyelash extensions don't look good nor do they look natural. People need to learn the difference between false eyelashes and eyelash extensions. When you see people in hollywood and their eyelashes look beautiful, its NOT because they have eyelash extensions, its because A. they have a make-up artist. and B. they are applying individual false eyelashes in strategic places to make their eyelashes not only look fuller but NATURAL. 
 So lets face it ladies, and let me be the one to tell you what everyone is thinking behind your back.
Eyelash Extensions do not look good. They make you look like a person who is drugged out and can hardly keep their eyes open. So save your self some money and some embarrassment.

Truths from "Brittany Blunt" - LA, California


"is it just me, or is everyone turning crazy?
everywhere i turn there is a old friend talking about another old friend,
who said something about another old friend, who is dissing on another old friend.
whether they are talking about each others hair extensions, wedding dress, cars, jobs, men, etc.
it never stops.
it makes me wonder what they say about me?
they probably say im a loser because i dont hang out with any of "our old friends"
they probably think im a slut because i wear short dresses.
but the best part about me is that i dont care what they think.

they can think whatever they want.
because when it comes down to it,
they try and cover up their insecurities by trying to make others feel insecure."
  anonymous truth by "Bethany" LA cali.

im supposed to love her. but i dont

"im supposed to love her. but i dont.
we used to be happy once. but it took you again.
i wish there was something i could do to help you. again.
but i feel like i have done everything i can.
i love you.
i helped you.
i saved you.
it took you again.
first it was just the drinking.
then came the drugs. making everything worse then it was.
you fell deeper and deeper.
then you were lost forever. no longer reachable by anyone.

you are gone.
i dont love you. because i cant.
your gone now.
and i wont look for you anymore."

anonymous truths from "the daughter of an alcoholic and addict"

Profile Picsss

"Lets be honest, there is nothing more annoying then when you see someone on facebook or myspace and they always have their profile picture set on one they took of themselves.
I personally think it is not only awkward to see part of your arm sticking up where you are obviously holding the camera, but its also just stupid. Do people really have nothing better to do then sit and take pictures of themselves?
If your really lame enough to take time out of the day to have a photo shoot by yourself, then at least set the timer on the camera, so it looks like someone else took it! DUH!!!!!!! That way we dont have to look at your freaking arm, reaching for the sky!!
Also, boys out there.. No one cares if you have an iPhone 3GS or 4 or a BlackBerry, or some other nice expensive cell phone that you can take your self portrait in the mirror with... awkward!

People really dont get it do they?... I truthfully cannot stand it."

Truths by "Anonymous"

My Truths : Part Two


MEN and Women that are WAY TO SKINNY!
Because no one likes looking at someone who they could personally break with the own two hands...
Also, don't be the skinny girl who always says "oh I cant eat that", or "you are so skinny!!" (mainly annoying when the skinnier person is telling you how skinny you are when they are obviously like 10-15 lbs lighter then you)

FAKE TANNING... I'm totally anti! Not only is it a SUPER DISlike for me...
but its also VERY unhealthy! 
Here is a wonderful quote from www.cancer.gov
"Women who use tanning beds more than once a month are 55 percent more likely to develop malignant melanoma, the most deadly form of skin cancer."

This next one might make a few people mad but... here I go! 
I HATE vampires...
I cannot stand this obsession with the Twilight Series and the Edward Cullen Family.
Because REALLY people, do you seriously want to date someone that is COLD and wants to pretty much suck your blood and kill you?
IF and only IF for some reason wasn't so against this whole Twilight Series... I would totally go for Jacob.

SUPER Fake BOOBS ... Hate them!
And poorly applied and Nasty Eye-Makeup ... Not only hate it but it makes me want to vomit.
I really want to know if people like this even look in the mirror. And if they do, do they really think that they look good!?
Because it just makes me, and everyone else forced to be around her HUGE boobs and nasty makeup face, totally S-I-C-K.

 Lets all just take a moment and laugh....... HahahahahaHAHAhahaHAHAhaha!

Okay, I kind of feel bad..
But... I HATE it when girls dress up on Halloween as lame "sexy" things, such as a bumble-bee, a cop, a teacher, librarian, or anything else like that. Most of the time, the girls who do this DON'T even look sexy. They look like idiots!

Lets take another moment and laugh again ...  hehehehe ahahaha LOL!
Okay, now I'm over it.

And last but not least of my Peeves/Hates/DISlikes for the day....
I strongly DISlike the smell of wet dogs.
It is frankly one of the most DISGUSTING smells around!
I truthfully cannot stand it...

Your Truths

Send in your truths!
Loves, Likes, Hates, Opinions, Dislikes, Thoughts,
Obsessions, Peeves, Annoyances, 
and Anything else you want published on this blog!


Annoyed by the Bark

"I cannot stand it when there is a random dog in the neighborhood that doesn't stop barking... It barks at everything and probably even sometimes barks at nothing... and on top of it... the dogs bark is the most high pitched annoying sound you have ever heard... "


Truths by "Abby T." From San Francisco, CA

Wedding Obsessive

"I am truthfully obsessed with weddings. All things weddings. I love dresses! I LOVE rings! I love looking at wedding photographers websites, their blogs, pictures on the internet. ANYTHING."

"The only thing that is horribly truthful about this obsession is that I fear I will never get married. No one will ever put a ring on my round left finger. 
The worse part is I live in a state where most girls get married by the age 22. I'm already 24. My religion is a large factor to why there are often young couples getting hitched. Because of my faith I feel a huge amount of pressure to tie the knot, yet I don't even have a boyfriend.
I truthfully fear that I will be a 30 year old women that will end up alone. 
Because who wants a 30 year old when they can have a 21 year old..."

Truths by "The Wedding-less Bride" from Provo, UT

My Truths : Part One

I love clothes, purses, shoes, ear rings, bracelets, watches and everything fashionable you could imagine. They make me happy more then anything. I could live with clothes rather then people.... If I could I would buy all the clothes I wanted.

I am in love. I love a boy with all my heart. He makes me happier than clothes ever would (ironic i know).  Whenever I see him, I smile.  All the years we have been together, I still love him like the first moment I realized I did. He simply is the b-e-s-t.

I hate it so much when there is a noise I cannot stop. The random squeaking sound you hear in your car when your driving... DRIVES ME CRAZY.

I cannot stand it when people pop their gum. You will be sitting in a room having a conversation and someone will have that skill to pop their gum. I wish I could say "STOP chewing your gum... NOW" while smacking them... (but i don't want to be the bitch i am in my head)

I honestly believe you can make a wish upon a shooting star. And it will come true.

I hate it when dogs lick me. I hate it! I hate it when you put lotion on your legs and a dog/your dog comes and licks it right off. Eww.
I also hate dog hair... because gets/sticks to your/mine clothes. I hate seeing it on my own clothes cause its simply revolting. I also hate it when I see dog hair on other peoples clothes. There is nothing more awkward then admiring someones beautiful outfit and the first thing you notice is the dog hair... honestly people, get a lint roller.

I love it when people can just wear a t-shirt and jeans with their hair messy and not care at all.
Because I love it when people DONT get ready everyday... AND I hate it when people DO. When someone has their hair curled with their makeup all done and their outfit is all put together just to go to buy a f@cking gallon of milk... its like, honestly honey?
I hate it more then anything when people use the word "Me" "Mine" "I" and "My" in their vocabulary more then any other word in the dictionary. Try asking other people about them. STOP being so into YOURSELF.  And STOP putting yourself first, and start putting other ahead of you.
This is where you readers come in. Send me YOUR truths, vents, likes, opinions, thoughts, dislikes, peeves, loves, hates or anything else you want to share anonymously. 

The Anonymous Truth : #1

anonymous: adjective
• (of a person) not identified by name; of unknown name.
• having no outstanding, individual, or unusual features; unremarkable or impersonal.
• [ postpositive ] used in names of support groups for addicts of a substance or behavior to indicate the confidentiality maintained among members of the group.

truth: noun
• the quality or state of being true.
• (also the truth) that which is true or in accordance with fact or reality.
• a fact or belief that is accepted as true.