the good and the bad

i found this picture of Nicole Richie... SOOO CUTE!
this outfit just screams my name (cause this is basically all i wear, but probably dont look as cute!)!
I love nothing more then wearing my favorite jeans with a top, comfy big sweater, statement scarf and a HAT!!!
Not to mention she is wearing the WONDERFUL Christian Louboutin studded booties! (as you all should know i'm completely obsessed... yet to poor to purchase any for myself :(
I just think she looks perfect. Everything about this outfit is just well put together and isn't over done...

Now, here is an outfit that is over done...
Don't get me wrong, i actually love Taylor Swift.... But what is she doing here?

Lets start with the top, it could be cute if worn with something plain, like basic jeans or something because this top has so much going on that it is a statement all by itself. 
Personally i think it looks a little to much like a shirt Romeo would wear...

Now the skirt again totally cute, but should be with a cute tee or tank top.. pared with a statement necklace maybe!? (not with the romeo shirt)

OKAY, now the tights... i'm a big fan of tights, especially during the fall season... but really? 
with that skirt and that top! NOT working
Last but not least...
the boots, i absolutely love them, but once again, not paired with everything else here...

Everything that Taylor S. is wearing is absolutely lovely, alone!
honestly, i think none of these should ever be worn at the same time... under any circumstance..

Stay up people! Its only Monday, we have a whole week to go!!
Until tomorrow!

Love ME!

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