Friday Truth

So I have been getting a decent amount of 'Anonymous Truths' emailed to me lately...
(Which I LOVE!!)
So I'm going to start doing "Friday Truths" so all your truths can be shared at the end of the week!
So email your truths into if you want to have your vent, hate, or love shared here every Friday!
Here is the first truth!! Ill see you Monday lovers!
Love ME!!!!

"why do people feel the need to hate?
there has been a lot hate in the world today and im just sick of it
why cant everyone just love eachother for who we are?
stop judging and stop feeling self righteous.
when people are hurting arent we supposed to help them?
i watched a girl at the mall, probably age 15, talk about how ugly and fat their friend was when she was 10 feet away.
Karma is a bitch and shell come back and get you."

"Truth from karma - San Fran"

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