fish tail...

So im totally into fish-tail braids right now.
They are really the cutest looking braids around, and they are reallllllly easy to do!!

First, instead of separating your hair into 3 sections, you just do 2 sections.
Second, you grab a strip of hair from the outside of one of the sections and add it to the other.
Third, you go to the other section and grab a strip and pull it back over to the other section...
make sure you grab your strip of hair from the outer side!! Then pull over and add to the other section!! :)

It creates the cutest look! This picture above shows how cute they are!!!
I love, love, love how it looks... SOOO cute

If my steps don't make since to you... (which i would totally understand!) then just click HERE and you can read a more descriptive.

Bye bye!
Love ME!!!

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