BLAHHHHHH... no no no

I do not know who the person was that started this...
but WHY are ladies starting to pair beautiful heels with socks.....?
I just don't understand this "look"
I think it makes a wayyyyy awesome outfit just look stupid...


K, honestly? 
First off, I have to say that this top and skirt are so damn cute I want both...
(but i mostly want the top!!)
... But really? Those socks with those heels... How cute would she look without the socks!!!

This is a "trend" will soon be looked back on and people will say... 
"What were we thinking" 
Kind of like super flare blue jeans, kitten heels, or ed hardy (everything)...

I can understand that some people can pull this look off... but its still stupid!!! Because those people who can pull it off, are the type of people who can pull everything off, they do all the trends that have anything to do with fashion... And they always look cute.... (Lucky them)
That doesn't mean we still wont look back at them and say... "well she looks cute but why is she wearing socks with heels..."

im just saying (smile)!!!

Love ME!!!!

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