Forever 20(something)

i love Forever21
it is my guilty pleasure. you can really find the best stuff there.
for cheap!!! whoever created their business model, is s-m-a-r-t!!
because they are always on top of the latest fashion trends, and they make everything affordable!!
granted, you have to search and stay awhile to find the gold! but you can find it!
This whole outfit is only $38! Love it!
so save some money and go shopping at Forever21, because i love shopping there!
(and H&M but thats a whole different post)


This awesome structured blazer is only $30... 
I already own this, (hahah) so i can tell you that the material doesn't feel cheap, because you can run into this problem often at foreverr.

 You CANT find cute boots like this anywhere with out spending at least $100+
but at Forever21 they are $35.
AHHHH love these for fall (once this heat wave goes away)

by the way, they put out new shipment every Friday (usually)!  so thats when you should go ;)

Love you loves!!

Love ME!!

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