no no no no no!

... This just couldn't wait ...
But why would anyone give in to this woman's demands?
$$12 Million Dollars for 1 year!?
Are you kidding??

First of all... This outfit is HORRIBLE.
Second of all... No one needs to make $12 Million in one year by judging others!
American Idol, I know you need better ratings, but selling out by giving a bitchy rich women more money then some countries spend in 1 or even 5 years is just sick.
Give the money to Haiti (earthquake), Pakistan (flood), or even donate it to New Orleans to help fix up neighborhoods that are still devastated after Hurricane Katrina!
It bothers me.

Shocking news like this just couldn't wait.
Until tomorrow...
Sleep right readers.
Love ME!


Anonymous said...

whoever you are, your blog is legit. I read it every day. keep the posts coming.

Anonymous Truth said...

oh my gosh! i love you! you just made my day! thank you for your comment!
Love Me!!