"THANK GOD that wedding season is over.
I just cant go to yet another wedding!
dont get me wrong... i love weddings,
but when you see 19-22 year olds getting married after a
(short) "amazing" 9 months together...
it just gets old.
its like, come on!!! what is the rush??
it gets me every time.

i was born and raised in bountiful utah so i understand that this isnt really abnormal...
but im still sick of it
do you really think your ready to move into a home with someone you have only known for less then a year??
or even 2 years? its a huge step, and i cant help but just be annoyed watching all these children getting married.
i truly HOPE you really are happy and stay happy for all eternity.
but if your not... your fault... "

truths by  "thankyouitsover" bountiful utah

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