just say B-I-T-C-H

do girls have to pull out the B card so often....
you can be having a completely harmless conversation then SMACK!!
B-I-T-C-H card hits you smack in the face!

i recently experienced a blind-side Bitch attack...
its like, one second im having a completely normal conversation... then before i can say "boo" i hear...
"whatever, i dont even care anymore, if you going to be a bitch about it then i wont even talk to you..."
its like, WHOA, chill women, all i said was
"i dont think thats such a good idea"
(talking about hanging out with a horrible EX-boyfriend) ...
(and when a sentence starts with 'whatever' you know it will turn out bad)
annnnd I'M the bitch???
k then YOU are crazy!!!

i cant stand it. thanks for listening"

truths by "annoyed" San Francisco CA

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