fashion week favorites...
from NYFW and the current LFW...

I just adore the first red dress with the Prada clutch and the green stripe skirt.
The leopard top is an obsession of mine and the flowing skirt with the bright orange louboutin heels! to die for!
Olivia Palermo has incredible style, shes all over fashion week! And once again, the Hermès Birkin  bag and my favorite top - FUR!
my FAVORITE is the popped collar on the hansom man, its fun how it has a ribbon sewed in to add a little pop! 
Then lastly, i love the two twin like males, they are wearing the same jacket, pants and shoes!

ohhhhhhhhhh fashion week - gimme, gimme, gimme!!!

Tomorrow is Friday... <3



that matching silver nail polish was my fave <3

Anonymous Truth said...

THE DIVINITUS - i adore the silver nail polish with all the bad ass rings!! ohhh i love it all!!

thanks for reading!