Valentine's wish list anyone..??
okay, okay... so this is a real WISH list.
because for me, most of this will never be given to me
because it is wayy to pricey for my man.
BUT i don't care because i don't want to be with someone who can give me everything i have ever wanted, i want someone who is real, and works hard for what he gets...
and that's what i got! <3

Massive quantities of David Yurman Jewelery 

Christian Louboutin studded boots!!

ALL and EVERY Chanel Bag!!

A Hermès Birkin bag

Some high Prada pumps!

a really soft and awesome Fur Coat!

Classic Christian Louboutin heels! Duh...

the only thing that I NEED for Valentine's Day...


Some flowers... and

a kiss, dinner, and him as my date!
What is your Valentine's Day wish list?
I hope your all ready! Monday is coming soon.

xoxo <3

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