WARNING! Picture overload...
I'm going to put my favorites and not so favorite fashion from the Golden Globes 
from Sunday night.

first, i will share my not so favorite fashion choices...

 Zac Efron - Lets be honest, you're always a good looking guy, but I'm putting you in this section because you cut off your hair... other then that, you still look pretty good :)

 J LO - What the hell is she wearing that shall for? if she took it off, the simple white dress would look pretty decent but still not to great, honestly this shall thing is awful (just like her diva attitude)

Natalie Portman...  She is pregnant and i still cant give her sympathy for this.
There a right way and a wrong way to do pregnant, and this is the WRONG WAY.
Go simple and classic, lose the rose and change the color, and she would look great!

 Michelle Williams ... Who would guess that this is a Valentino dress...?
Either way, bad color, bad cut, horrible print. (Daisy's!??)
she looks heavy and frumpy... honestly

Sandra, she is one woman who i truly love. She adopted a darling baby boy named Louis.
But here, Sandra has HORRIBLE over the top long heavy bangs. 
The sad thing here for me is that this is a gorgeous Jenny Packham gown, but no one is looking at it because of her heavy hair do(n't)

 This just depresses me...
Julianne Moore is wearing a Lavin dress... and it makes me so sad because i LOVE LAVIN.. but between the long-puffy-one shoulder-sleeve thing, half way there gold necklace, and the wrinkles. I think i might roll over and die.

 OHH my hell. Scarlet Johansson, what is the deal with this gown? the shoulder pads, long flowing sleeves, tool, and flowers.... Honestly its a very very poor choice.

 Helena Bonham Carter... There is nothing i can say about this but Why...
and why is she wearing two different color shoes?

Kevin McHale... can you say darling... 
but being the only male in the "not" section by wearing this polka-dot jacket
I LOVE BOW-TIES... but pairing it with this busy jacket is just a failure.

K.. these are my questionable outfits... 

 looks good, but maybe fix up the hair...?

 red beard?? i'm seriously confused.

 i love the structure of this gown. but there is something wrong... it could be the neck line shape, maybe the color on her, not sure

 To be honest... I love this green vintage looking green Versace gown.
But i dont like Angelina, not one bit. So i put her in this section because of my dislike of her personally... hahaha im lame i know...

 There is something about this that i just LOVE
Then parts of it that i really think are just AWFUL...
So, not sure?? i THINK it needs short, or no sleeves....?

 Ehh... i just think this is bottom heavy? But at the same time, its pretty....??

Now here comes the Favorites, YAY

 Normally, i'm not a fan of this skill-less actress. But Megan Fox looks stunning in this pink Armani dress. She might be a little too skinny, and has way to much botox for a 20-something year old. But still gorgeous.

 Eva Longoria looks gorgeous in Zac Posen. There is nothing to say besides beautiful and classic!

 Vera Wang custom made this beautiful green gown for 
Mila Kunis. 
I don't know what it is about the color green but i absolutely adore it. I think it is stunning on most women and is a great color to wear on the red carpet!

This i think is my favorite dress of the night (one of my favorite) maybe its because i think Emma Stone is darling! (go see 'Easy A') This is a CLASSIC Calvin Klein gown that works on Emma Stone so well i can barley stand it! 
The peach color pared with a bare back just makes me want to take this dress right off her!
Not to mention her make up and hair are classic and beautiful!!

 January Jones from the show Mad Men wore this red Versace gown and  
rocked it!!
I love the geometric cut outs and the fray flowing skirt. Her classic hair and bright red lips make her look so beautiful ans fierce. 

She looks darling, one shoulder and a very little lace that shows a barley-there-glimpse of her leg! Beautiful.

Classic and hansom. Not to mention, I love him on Glee.

 Jake... you all should just understand with this one - its a no brainer.
Can i say Bow-Tie? I loveee bow-ties, just hansom and sexy!
He also looks great with his well groomed scruff and cute comb over hair! 
Thank you for dumping Taylor, maybe we can be a pair!? haha

I have loved Ryan Gosling since he was in 'The Notebook'
And once again, i love the bow-tie. 
AND i love his hair comb over and cute little scruff!!


Seriously, are you sick of me yet????
Sorry for the picture over load!! 
but i hope it helped you get through your day a little bit better!

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