i have no particular reason for putting this picture up other then that i simply think it is lovely.
after seeing and loving it, i realized that (oops) there is a diamond ring on the left finger...
so honestly, i thought to myself...

"are people going to think if i put a picture up of someone that has a diamond on their left finger that someone (me) wants to be, wishing she is, or will be getting engaged soon?"

first - i shouldn't admit that i thought this
second - no, i don't want/wish/will be any time soon
and third - no... people will look at it and think its a beautiful (fashionable) picture.

i want to point out another 3 things... hehehe
1. i love floral dresses like this
2. her nail polish... i've never seen anyone not paint the top like that...
(and yes, that is on purpose, not chipped)
3. i adore all the gold accessories - mainly deer antler ring

thanks for letting me blab.
<3 me

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