i am seriously so obsessed with this outfit
i realllllly love the Olsen twins. they are my style icons.
if i was 5 foot 2 inches i would always wear killer platform heels and bad ass clothes like them.
(and they aren't scared to wear fur. and lots of it. and you all know i LOVE fur)

image from here duh

<3 me
p.s. i'm heading to my undergraduate state of Utah tomorrow...
yup! but its for fun, SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL people.
Get out to Park City Utah and have some fun watching some wonderful films, ski and hang out with celebrities... maybe


Creme De La Kravitz said...

Those shoes are scene stealers. It's like as your eyes scan the dress you'd never expect to see these neon pink platform heels. They are super cute with a stellar style that all their own. I would love to raid their jewels.

Anonymous Truth said...

i agree, they have the best jewels and accessories!
i love the comments! xoxo