There is something about the color RED
When you wear that color, you just feel a little more powerful..
I found that sporting the color red just makes you look more important :)

First... This outfit in general is perfect in every way possible.
This woman has a beautiful sophisticated outfit on ... a classic soft looking white shirt,
and an awesome navy skirt! (I love the abstract look of the skirt with the buttons on the side and the cute little slit that shows her leg!)
accessories... LOVE IT...
Then DUH, the red purse! The way the gold chain complements the red just makes me want to seal this whole outfit from this woman... DUH don't worry, I wont!

Lastly... these red leather pants! Are simply just amazing!
This lady just looks so bad ass!
And I love how the pants have seams all across the thighs and knees. I feel like I'm not cool enough or hard core enough to rock pants like this... but if I even find any that are this cute, I will probably just buy them for the day I get brave enough to wear them!


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