Joanna Hillman of Harper's Bazaar is one beautiful woman.
And she is always looking great.
She has her own casual style which always has something that POPS!
She has been featured on Le Fashion several times and there is no doubt in my mind as to why... 
She really has a great personal classic style.
She keeps it simple, personal, and feminine.

She always has it all put together!
(Personally, I would never wear those shoes)
 Everyone out there needs to take notes because she has all areas of fashion covered and looks so lovely!! 
Yet she looks like it took her 5 mins to get ready! Which I love!

She is so beautiful!
And she looks like a pretty bad ass chick too, and I love strong independent women!

TOMORROW... i will be showing two more outfits that were worn by Joanna Hillman.
She is just to awesome to only have one day for her....
So until tomorrow...

Love ME!!! 

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