Leighton Meester for Vera Wang

I saw this last week on Twitter .......
(yes I'm on twitter, follow me!)
......... but, I already had all the post scheduled for the week so I had to wait till today!

BUT, what a better way start out the week!
And how BEAUTIFUL is she in this BEAUTIFUL Vera Wang dress.
OHHHH how I love Vera.
Soon I will dedicate a post to Vera, I just don't want to be "wedding obsesses" as people like to call it.
Even though I totally love weddings, I should be a wedding planner, instead I'm pursuing a very competitive industry... fashion, marketing, PR, clothing, blah blah blah, just like everyone else at FIDM. 
I'm beginning  to rethink my future - WOW please stop me now before I bore you all to death!

ANYWAY! Love ME!!!

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