its April 1st...
and you all know what that means

Happy April Fools Day!!

i hope your all playing nice tricks on the ones you love...
i hate mean tricks, they are dumb
(and please ladies, lets not joke about being pregnant because that is not something to joke about)


The Friday T : TRICK (duh!)

this is one of my all time favorite tricks to pull...
get a rubber band and wrap it around the button of your hand sprayer at your kitchen sink.
make sure the sprayer is faced the area where someone will stand. and they will get drenched!!!
its really funny to watch
i used to do this all the time at my parents house... but now i don't have the sprayer at my current location!
either way. you will enjoy this little trick, its silly!!
and if your really brave, you'll do it at your work place, and don't tell anyone it was you. hahaha 

Happy Weekend!

xoxo love you all

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